focus friday. the yarn and knitting edition.

…this month, continuing my new to-do list habit, I’ve started putting one chore on the list each week. this week it was “clean my yarn room” and it was planned for thursday.

the good news is that, with a little help, I finished it.

I have (re-)confirmed that despite a concerted effort to knit from stash (I’m counting two finished projects and two works-in-progress for 2011 from stash) I still have a lot of yarn to knit (which is good news if you are marc, and bad news if you are me, or theresa 🙂

this is the yarn stash I have out in the open

but I was surprised to find (well, once I’d cleaned up!) an entire shelf of hibernating projects – aka “works-in-progress”.

…and what I keep behind closed doors

really, this shouldn’t be a surprise to me since I’ve logged every single one of them into ravelry as “hibernating”. but oh my, are there really that many??!

and I keep my active projects – of which ravelry reports there are four – in project bags. I realized I had a problem when I couldn’t remember what one of those bags contained.

it was that lakedale shawl. yep, I’d forgotten about it.

too bad I don’t count knitting as a chore…then I could devote a whole afternoon (or two?) next week working on the backlog. but no, I’m going to stay honest (and focused!) and clean out my desk instead. I can’t imagine what I’ll find…but I doubt it will be as good as lots (and lots!!) of yarn….

10 thoughts on “focus friday. the yarn and knitting edition.

  1. this isn't *that* surprising. are you the only who doesn't know how much you knit? :)it's always something new.

  2. I really love the desk with the little cubbies. It serves a dual purpose so that means I can convince my husband that it's for "us" and not just the yarn.

  3. It made me feel kinda good when I saw your pile of wips. Misery loves company! And we'll get to them one day, right?

  4. love the yarn in the cubbies too. i think we should call them lost treasues that need to be on display, or mary's "squirrels"? holly is so helpful.

  5. i love the yarn cupboard, too! and i feel so good about my unfinished projects now! 🙂 thanks for the boost.

  6. i too have almost as much stash! and I'm a renewing – meaning beginning again after 20+ years in hibernation – knitter, literally relearning. i share this to say, you, the consummate knitter give me hope and inspiration. congrats on your progress with your weekly focus…

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