tulips from virginia

listening: chris tomlin

eating: apple cinnamon oatmeal

drinking: lady grey tea (with half a packet of splenda)

wearing: cassis – yay! finished just in time!! (see “weather” below đŸ™‚

feeling: energized by the longer days

weather: tremendous storms last night left cool temps for today (44 degrees now and a high of only 60), but clear blue skies and a promise of sunshine once the sun comes up

wanting: to firm up plans for next week (who’s driving which car and is holly coming with us)

needing: a pedicure

thinking: what to bake when lydia and virginia come over saturday (maybe this?)

enjoying: the tulips virginia brought over on friday

wondering: how this blog fits into my big picture…maybe simply as a way to keep in touch and connect?

*inspired by

2 thoughts on “currents*.

  1. like this post alot…i think it's good to just "focus" in on the moment ~something i know i need to do, too. yeah, i think your blog helps [us both/all] with the 'big picture' – provides stimulation, connection, and different perspectives…cheers~ps. and did i mention how lovely those tulips are?

  2. strawberry cake?-yes please. LOVE LOVE paris-need to pack and shower tonight so we can visit our neighborhood in the morning. have taken a gazillion photos, and haven't had time to do much by way of editing-love the focus of the post, see you saturday xoxo

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