made for each other.

…I’m pretty sure I completely made the fed ex delivery guy’s day when I opened the garage and raced down the driveway to meet him. I was standing there with a huge smile on my face before he even had my package out if the truck. [a huge thank you to sara for placing the order, etc. and putting up with my “where’s the package?” questions all weekend]

and after just a few hours, I’m feeling secure enough to have shut down the old pc and plugged this one into its place. three big to-do’s remain: posting on my blog, synching my iphone and downloading photoshop elements (that’s huge, because the version I had is four years old, so I’ll have a mac and a photoshop learning curve :-). of course, assuming we’re reading this on my blog, that list is now down to just two! (but I’ve added a new #3 – learning iphoto – yikes!)

needless to say, I have not finished knitting the last inch of ribbing my sweater. but I figured out how to check the weather and it looks like we have a few more sweater days in our forecast for this week (sorry everyone!)

7 thoughts on “made for each other.

  1. Welcome to the Mac side of things! I'm not sure how iPhoto has progressed but you may want to research Aperture, since you're a photo kinda gal.Have fun!

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