finding my focus.

…two and a half months into the year and I’m starting to feel it again. a sense of focus. of knowing what I need to accomplish and holding myself accountable. I am now three weeks into a new monday morning routine of planning out my week, figuring out what needs to happen day by day and then following through. it feels so good!

I’m using the russell+hazel to do lists. they’re sticky like post-it notes and I keep the week’s list on my calendar. things get added as they come up…and putting those little check marks next to things that get done makes me happy.

the march prompt for ali’s class is about doing one thing to move forward with your word. this to-do list thing is mine. and I have to admit that something as basic as a to-do list looks impressive in her pretty template, doesn’t it?!

there is also a journaling card to write about our experience with the one thing. I’m saving that til the end of the month, but so far, this routine is working well to keep me focused on executing day to day…the doing. and I’m starting to feel ready to tackle the bigger picture – the what. because focus isn’t just about doing stuff. it’s about doing the right stuff.
there’s also room for a few bits of patterned paper.

and an embellishment to remind me. one thing.

p.s. I know I haven’t posted about the february prompt. it’s done. I’ll share next week.

6 thoughts on “finding my focus.

  1. I expect no less from our list-oriented family. I'm glad you are happy with how this project is turning out.

  2. i'm a real list person, too. i'm glad you have found a great system! i'm going to have to check out that russell+hazel website now.

  3. Ah! Congrats on your March OLW action & pages. Accomplishment IS a wonderful feeling, agreed?! Looking fwd to your reflection piece;my March is 2/3rds over; what?!Cheers~

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