10 things I love about march.

I took this photo about 5pm this afternoon… see numbers 1 and 2 below!

carole says she doesn’t really like march and she posted this prompt hoping for reasons to change her mind. I have a feeling much of why I love march has to do with where I live – so she won’t find much help here (sorry, carole!)

1. longer days.

2. spring sunshine, bringing warmer days. and brighter days.

3. swapping out winter for spring in my home. and in my closet.

4. cotton t-shirts with capris and a cardigan (what I wore today 🙂

5. forsythia. tulips. daffodils. cherry blossoms. red buds. azaleas. (especially all at the same time)

6. strawberries and asparagus. in season.

7. march madness. my favorite part is filling out my bracket and then “keeping score”. but I also love the excitement around college basketball. and all the knitting time!

8. turning off the heat without having to turn on the air conditioner.

9. taking the down comforter off our bed – unless we need it to sleep with the windows open.

10. white wine. and if we’re really lucky, an afternoon that’s warm enough to enjoy it outside.

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6 thoughts on “10 things I love about march.

  1. Wonderful! I kinda skipped this one because…well…here in Ohio, March is often just an extension of January and February. Not much to be happy about. Ask me what I like about April! 😉

  2. beautiful, beautiful pic! amazing the growth since last friday. #8 is so enjoyable! and #10 – I enjoy white wine all year long! 🙂

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