10 things on my bedside table.

…the “table” is really a chair – a small chair from my grandmother. made from pecan wood, with a caned seat that I think she mended. I LOVE that the chair has a story. and that it’s not big enough for me to keep too much piled on top!

mostly it’s books, a pair of readers (of course!) and lotions I use at night:

1. the readers.

2. the world according to bertie – the fourth book in the 44 scotland street series – and what I’m currently reading. I’m about halfway through it and really enjoying it.

3. talking to god.

4. the great house – a christmas gift and likely the next up in my queue after bertie.

5. cetaphil lotion.

6. chapstick. the good old fashioned kind in the black tube with the white top, unflavored.

7. aveda hand and foot relief.

8. a pair of white cotton gloves to keep the lotion in (I only use these when marc’s away, promise!)

9. more books! (sarah’s key, sarum and the outlander, all awaiting their turn to rise to the top of the queue!)

10. …and missing from this photo, because I took it yesterday afternoon, is my iphone, which I use as an alarm clock.

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9 thoughts on “10 things on my bedside table.

  1. glad i'm not the only one that has a "few" books on the night stand! i also have lotion and chapstick IN the nightstand.

  2. Along with books, a lot of extra stuff ends up piled on mine. Sewing scissors, tissue, etc. I had the yarn for Annis on my nightstand for the longest time. 🙂

  3. seems like reading material and iphones are popular items to keep on our nightstands! I keep my chapstick in the drawer but also close at hand! Happy Tuesday!

  4. using your grandmother's chair as a night stand is a great idea. looks like you have a great pile of "reads" too. believe it or not, my nightstand is bereft of books – and this coming from a career-grad (retired) librarian!cheers~

  5. What a great pile of books! I used to have that but now I read on my Kindle. Can't be without hand cream, can we?

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