a nice dinner.

…the shop was busy yesterday – knitters visiting from many places (I waited on ones from germany, new hampshire and north carolina) with families and friends kind enough to show us off – knitters needing help with projects (mostly ripping! but I’m pretty good at that since I’ve had years and years of practice!) – and I’m sure a few knitters who were thinking about this weekend’s upcoming football marathon and planning ahead to have something to do. it made for a steady stream of customers, plenty of running around, and no time for a break.

sara came to visit in the afternoon – she brought holly (the regular tuesday knitters had been asking to see her) and asked what I wanted for dinner. oooohhh yes! I suggested cheese sandwiches, maybe with soup? she agreed. she cooked. she cleaned up.

and we enjoyed a delicious hot meal. thank you, sara. it was very nice!

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2 thoughts on “a nice dinner.

  1. awesome and sweet of sara-we had soup from costco that was yummy-legal seafoods king crab and corn chowder with a healthy dose of skim milk to lighten it up-very tasty.

  2. "soup and samich" – always a winning combo, especially when made by a dear daughter who is a delightful cook (i can tell by the photos and menus and your raving reviews – all make my mouth water).must've been fun at the shop with all that activity…cheers~

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