photoshop textures.

…I can’t remember how I found kim klassen’s website, but I’ve been following along for several weeks now and I’m just in love with what she can do to a photo. last weekend she posted these beautiful textures and I’ve been waiting for the right photo to use them. yesterday seemed to offer a good opportunity. it was cold, and we had snow flurries on and off all afternoon and into the evening. I loved the way our tree looked from the deck, so warm and inviting.

and I’m really excited about the image I created.

I ended up using silent night 2 – and I used it twice. once as a photo overlay (on 100% opacity) and then again as a normal layer. it was really a happy accident. I’d planned to use the texture as background paper, behind the photo (with the overlay), but when I copied it into my photoshop file, it landed as the very top layer. and now I’ve spent way more time on this than I have. christmas knitting awaits!!

6 thoughts on “photoshop textures.

  1. That's a beautiful bit of work! Photoshop is so amazing that you could play with it for weeks and still never find all of the treats.

  2. beautiful. i love how the picture ~comes alive~. photoshop is on my "want to learn one day" list.

  3. fascinating how that photo was transformed. love that glow and the journaling enhances the warmth. will check out that site tho' my skills are in their infancy stages, still.

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