introducing holly.

…seven pounds of the cutest toy schnauzer ever.

theresa took these photos when holly visited me at the shop today

now resting comfortably in my lap and maybe about to doze off. I know she must be exhausted – I am! we’ve had a big day!

and to the closest members of my family who are expecting knitted gifts under the tree…I am still on track and I am sure I can make up the time I’ve lost today caring for my new dog. but I think she might need a sweater (I have the prettiest machine washable red lorna’s laces in my stash 🙂 and if that happens, I’m sorry – and you know I’ll make it up to you!

p.s. because I know you want to know! her name is holly berry because her first family named her at christmas. I’m not going to change her name. but I’ll probably her (just) holly.

p.p.s. she is 16 months old and fully trained (I’m glad I will get to skip right over the puppy year!). and it’s a long story but the family who had her loved her but needed to make room for another dog.

p.p.p.s. I am now about to be 3 days behind on my december journal. I am going to catch up tomorrow for sure!

9 thoughts on “introducing holly.

  1. i got to spend an hour "virtually" playing with her on skype today and she is adorable! i'm so jealous!

  2. She is so cute! I can tell from your smile that you are enjoying the newest member of your family. Have fun and I look forward to meeting her.

  3. You both look very happy together! And I think you wore the perfect outfit for meeting her. 🙂 Can't wait to meet her.

  4. what a treat… Holly is too cute and I can see why you took to her so instantly. Look forward to seeing those sweaters for puppies and dollies. I have a friend who just got a Yorkie about a month ago… I think a sweater is the cards…enjoy that cutie pie.Cheers~

  5. wow!!!! welcome, Holly!! I am so happy that you have a new bundle of joy. i can't wait to meet her!

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