10 favorite places for on-line shopping.

…when I first saw this prompt, I was thinking I’d have to skip it because I didn’t really shop enough on-line to have ten favorite places. and then I thought a little more. and remembered the page or so of my email inbox that’s holding receipts and shipping status for the on-line shopping I’ve done recently. whoa! when did that happen? when did I become an on-line shopper?!

1. amazon. the king of them all. I’m still amazed at the selection, the prices and the speed with which they deliver. and this year, I’m also a fan of the giftcard ad on their boxes.
2. barnes and noble. a close second to amazon because much of what I buy is books. with my membership, I get free shipping. and when a 25% or 30% off coupon lands in my inbox, it’s hard to resist.
3. ravelry. hands down the best place to buy knitting patterns.
4. twist collective. my 2nd favorite place to buy knitting patterns.
5. designer digitals. the only place I buy digital scrapbooking supplies.
6. etsy. a virtual marketplace where you can find just about anything, especially anything that’s handmade. I’m a huge fan of hand-dyed yarn from here. and my computer bag and camera bag are from here.
7. russell+hazel. I order about once a year, when it’s time for an updated calendar. they have great customer service and my order comes wrapped in pretty tissue with a handwritten card.
8. lands end. for luggage and christmas stockings.
9. itunes. love how much I can get for free.
10. costco photo processing. I use them for all my photo printing. they’re good, fast and cheap – only $0.13 for a 4×6.

5 thoughts on “10 favorite places for on-line shopping.

  1. never think about i-tunes and ravelry/tc as on-line shopping, but how easy is that?! i love on-line when i get free shipping and other goodies-scored some awesome treats once when ordering bobbi brown on-line. of course, the adds can clog up your in-box, but who wants to miss a deal?

  2. definitely itunes! where else could i find my old obscure favorites?? (certainly not on b's hard drive!)

  3. i by-passed this Tues prompt too because i couldn't think beyond Amazon…your list makes me realize how much cyber shopping i do! i should've realized that too, considering my monthly charge card statements.Cheers~

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