the first sign of the season.

…my friend honore sighted hers last week. I’m not talking holly – although the tree in the park is full of berries – I’m talking the starbucks christmas cup. when I was working in an office, there were a few of us starbucks devotees who would compare notes and share christmas cup sightings. the goal was to be the first one who could say “my starbucks has christmas cups” (note the “my” part of that statement…and sadly “my” starbucks has closed and I’m trying not to think that’s just because I stopped going there every morning before my drive down GA 400!)

the christmas cup thing was such a  big deal (we did “real” work, too, I promise) that when friends moved away we’d text about it – no photos, just messages – in years past, I’ve received updates on christmas cup sightings from chicago, boston and north carolina.

last week I was really excited when my (well, one of “my”) starbucks had the christmas cup sleeves. and I asked about when the cups might come out and they said a week or two.

so imagine my surprise when sara found one yesterday. darn, now there’s no way I can win the christmas cup race.

sara’s sighting – at the starbucks in the georgia tech bookstore

 but at least I placed. yes, here’s my christmas cup.

my sighting – at the starbucks at windward plaza
for the record (and because I’m sure I’ll want to know next year) – the cups appeared here on monday, november 8. how about where you live?

and as near as I can tell, xm radio has not yet started playing christmas music.

6 thoughts on “the first sign of the season.

  1. p'tree and 7th had them 11/8 too. i was a bit surprise. the holiday drinks are up on the board too-did i miss the pumpkin spiced latte?!

  2. i haven't been to a starbucks since i've been in LA! but i was reallly craving a gingerbread biscotti this morning – if starbucks brought those back, i would have to go at least a couple times during the week! sad 😦

  3. I was in Starbucks this morning but ordered a cold drink so I didn't get to see the cups. I'll be more attentive next time. 🙂

  4. That's so funny because DH & I had our first "Season" cups last Tuesday. I love how they're not all the same and like them much more than last year's version.

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