happy birthday.

…to sara.

pleased that my photoshop skills have improved this year!

happy birthday, sweet sara – your first one away from home. and while I won’t surprise you today with a pumpkin scone for breakfast, I am thinking about you… and promise a few treats and surprises this weekend. love you. xxoo – m.

7 thoughts on “happy birthday.

  1. We were able to visit Hannah on her first birthday away from home but it was still weird to not wake up with her and make her breakfast. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  2. Yayyy! Happy birthday, Sara! You know what we're playing over the holidays in celebration of your birthday! If Ina says, "How easy is that?!" … If Giada does the claw…

  3. that is one sweet picture. happy birthday, sara! (and it's always a pretty special day for the mom, too)

  4. Oh, what a delightful picture; it's just the best and I know Sara's having a great birthday celebration weekend. Happy Birthday Sara!Mary,your PS skills are awesome!

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