10 things to love about fall.

…thanks to sara, I got a great headstart thinking about this one! it helps, too, that it actually feels like fall – the temperature is in the 40’s right now and it should get into the high 60’s later today. clear blue skies and sunshine. really, what’s not to love?!, but here’s my long list:

“the” pear tree (see #8) – photo taken sept 28, 2009

1. jeans. especially with a (handknit) sweater or with (handknit) socks and danskos.

2. the onset of the rogovin family birthday whirlwind. three of us have birthdays within four weeks. opportunities for favorite meals, delicious desserts and celebrating.

3. planning for the holidays – our thanksgiving meal and christmas shopping. sara’s already sent me some ideas for thanksgiving. and katie and I had a long chat last week about the shopping.

4. vivaldi and michael buble. something about fall means the return of classical (and classic) music.

5. sleeping with a blanket. even if I have to keep the windows open.

6. replacing faded impatiens with pansies in the planters on the deck and by the mailbox.

7. college football. (and not just because it’s great to knit and watch – I really do enjoy the games!)

8. crisp morning walks in the park. checking out the pear tree and watching the progress of the leaves turning.

9. the 2-day walk.

10. the end of daylight savings time. I love that extra hour of sleep.

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6 thoughts on “10 things to love about fall.

  1. the same would be on my list except for the birthdays-thought for a minute this morning it was already december with the chill in the air on my way to work.

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