10 things in my refrigerator right now.

1. fat free organic milk – I love that this milk is so ultra pasteurized it lasts for weeks…I only use a little bit each day (heated in the microwave for 30 seconds thankyouverymuch) for coffee so it needs to stay fresh for a long time.

2. laughing cow cheese. sara introduced this to me. it’s very spreadable and comes in a perfect single serving size wedge. I like it on bread, apples and carrots.

3. boxed mixed greens. when sara was still home, we’d have three kinds of salad greens and use them all up every week. now this one box lasts two weeks.

4. tomatoes.

5. spinach. I bought a huge bag at costco last week and we haven’t opened it up yet. I was hoping for cooler (hello fall, are you here or not?!) weather to make creamed spinach. maybe tonight….

6. eggs. marc loves them for breakfast. I like having them on hand for baking muffins or scones.

…and moving on to a few of the things you can’t see…

7. hot sauce. thanks to katie’s love for spicy, we have four different kinds.

8. mustard. dijon and spicy.

9. capers. we buy a huge jar at costco and I’m amazed how quickly we use it up, maybe because it’s essential for bread salad?

10. left over vinaigrette.

(thankful this topic didn’t land in my inbox for last week – items 7 – 10 would’ve been there, but that was about it!)

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