…yep, my first venture into knitting socks toe-up has ended with a pile of yarn. in knitting lingo, I frogged them (as in “rip it, rip it, rip it”…get it?)

I’ll bet you thought I never ripped, that every project turned out well from the start?

nope. very seldom. I am a bit of a perfectionist about my knitting and as careful as I try to be, I make mistakes. or I try new things, sometimes over and over, until I get it just right. so I rip and re-knit a lot. (I had to smile when I came across the caption for this photo – guess I’m knitting a lot more now, so ripping and re-knitting does happen!)

what is unusual for me is ripping something out all the way and abandoning the project. I can’t remember the last time I did that! I’ve definitely started the project over with different yarn (like the ulmus rectangle that is now in its third iteration), but this time, I didn’t think the yarn was the problem. I think I’m not in the mood for toe-up socks. and my sock knitting group has picked embossed leaves for september. and this yarn, yukon in the fabulous fall colorway, seems perfect to show off the pretty leaf motif. so yesterday I cast on the cuff and started a new pair of socks. and so far (knock on wood!) I haven’t messed up a stitch!

[edited to fix the yarn link – it’s from pagewood farms]

4 thoughts on “frogged.

  1. What? You frogged something? I'm shocked! ;)I actually just frogged a sock this weekend. I had about three inches from the cuff and I tried it on. Nope. Wouldn't fit over my foot.

  2. It may have also been a timing issue. You're really busy right now and you ran out of August. 🙂 That yarn will look beautiful in Embossed Leaves.I'm wondering if I'll have time to knit Embossed Leaves in September. I love that pattern but I also want to finish up some projects.

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