10 things I’d tell my college freshman.

…taking a cue from beth, I’m joining Ten on Tuesday (which means someone else tells me what to blog about one day a week) – this week’s topic couldn’t be more timely! yeah, I tweaked it a bit – this list isn’t for “a” college freshman, it’s for mine!
1. be open to new things – new people, new ideas, new schedules, new routines – this is your chance to try out any and everything and see what fits you.

2. go to class – not only will the professors get to know you (and that counts for something when they figure out grades) – you’ll know first-hand what to study…and the lecture will do some of the work for you.

3. when you get stressed, go to the gym, not the dining hall.

4. keep up – don’t cram a semester’s or half-semester’s worth of work into a weekend!

5. get involved – find something you’re passionate about (relay for life? faset?) and join in.

6. get some sleep – it’s amazing how much easier the toughest problem looks after even a few hours of sleep.

7. take a cab if you don’t have a designated driver.

8. mascara and lip gloss. always.

9. remember you can do it!

10. your mama loves you! (keep in touch…often!!)

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5 thoughts on “10 things I’d tell my college freshman.

  1. I agree with Lydia! I am going to forward this list on to my sister who is at Uni :o)x

  2. …and I will definitely share with Christian and her mom, who I'm sure has things to add. Thanks for these great words of sage advice.Cheers~

  3. reviewing this list again, i need a substitue for #8 for pj next year-maybe always be a gentlemen (that should be easy for him).

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