gratitude 2010.

…I got into a very good habit back in 2008 – being intentionally thankful for the many blessings in my life. I continued that into 2009 and then for some reason which I can no longer recall, I didn’t start a new journal for 2010. And I’ve missed it. So when I saw cathy zielske’s gratitude journal template, I decided to start again.

These journal entries are centered around a photo (hoping this helps me get a bit of my photo mojo back!), and with the scrapbooking will be a lot more than the daily words I was documenting. So I’m thinking this time about weekly entries…we’ll see.

I really started thinking seriously about this project over a month ago – but as usual, I got mired down in the format details. The template is great for hybrid (some digital and some real paper/glue elements) and I was hoping I could use up some of my extensive stash of pretty paper. But I had so much fun with the beaufort album that I decided to go fully digital. And then there was the size. The template is 8-1/2×11, but I want to print out the pages and put them in an album. Costco prints great 12×12, 8×8 and 5×7…no 8-1/2×11. Yesterday, I figured out how to resize the template to be 5×7…and I’m finally ready to start!

I do need to figure out a better way to choose the “papers” for these layouts. That was the hardest part of the whole thing!

5 thoughts on “gratitude 2010.

  1. i like the inclusion of a photo. i seriously need to puruse photoshop-digital scrapbooking seems to be the way to go.

  2. you're a pretty good travel companion, too… always willing to indulge my cravings for good food (that's also what makes you a good dining companion, but perhaps that's a different story)

  3. congrats on layout and the idea of a gratitude journal is great. so often we really miss all the common everyday nuances that give us such pleasure and add so much more meaning to our lives. i must incorporate more in my MSQT journaling, too.

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