girlfriend time.

…so happy I had a week filled with it. and have a few photos* to remember the good times.

the week started with lunch at bistro vg

as usual, sara had the shrimp & scallop salad and I had the pizza, but we had something new for dessert…delicious as always

and then we spent a few days at lake burton with virginia and lynn (and lynn’s husband robert – but of course we didn’t include him in our “girlfriend” photo!)

mary, virginia, lynn
it was a lovely break, full of knitting, talking, food, wine,
…and fabulous scenery.
robert drove us on a sunset boat ride
*I’m having a hard time lately with my photos – days go by without having any, even important days, like ones where we visit my parents… hoping I get out of that slump soon – too much important stuff is happening this month and I need photos!

4 thoughts on “girlfriend time.

  1. AKA awesome time-what a lovely sunset. these are the times that keep us sane, and i can totally relate to the photo (blog for me) conundrum

  2. It's important to have photos, but you also need to be in the moment without documenting it. Maybe you've been focusing on life instead of snapping away. That said, I did love seeing all the photos in your post!

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