what to knit next.

…I’ve now finished the 2nd sock, and the latest KAL shawl and made a bit more progress on the red shawl. but after working in the shop five of the last seven days, I haven’t started anything new. Instead, I’ve acquired more yarn and a few patterns and really enjoyed thinking about what to knit next.

I’m going to start the socks for sure. Karen’s coming over Wednesday (yes, it’s now a recurring weekly “date”) and she started the same pattern last Wednesday when we met. And I think orientation will provide plenty of good sock knitting time. So that’s settled.

But what else? The other three possibilities (assuming I limit myself to just these – which at least for now seems like the answer…. I’ll wait to start another sweater til I finish the 3rd february lady) are all exciting me.

The blue shawl because I love the yarn (it’s a blend of cotton and silk and the color, yeah, the color) and the pattern looks like fun.

The koigu scarf because I love the look of linen stitch (never knit it, but have wanted to – it turns out looking like woven fabric) and I’m really curious to see how the three colors I’ve picked work up. This project really surprised me – it wasn’t anywhere on my radar until Saturday. I’d seen the pattern, but not given it any thought until a customer asked for help selecting yarn for hers. And oh my. We have about 60 colorways (maybe more!) of koigu in the shop – think of the possibilities! Of course I had to make one, too!

And the Shaelyn shawl because I love the yarn. It just arrived at the shop this past week and I’ve spent a good bit of time deciding what project will be best for it.

I took the photo above to show all the choices. and this one to hint at what I’ve decided.

Yep, I cast on 450 stitches and knit five really long rows! …progress photos coming soon!

5 thoughts on “what to knit next.

  1. I agree with Andrea. That blue/green yarn is saying all kinds of things to me!Those Koigu colors are beautiful. Can't wait for the pix!

  2. No wonder you're having trouble deciding what to knit next! They are all lovely choices. The yarn for the socks is wonderful and I love the others, too.

  3. love all the choices-my guess is you've cast on the linen stitch project-look forward to seeing progress photos.

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