knitting and other news.

…happy to report that I finished another sock. and a sweater (yes, alexandria is done! and I have a plan to get photos today to share later). it feels really really good to have all my class knitting done. to wrap up my teaching schedule for october and november, I’m going to re-run the six classes I’ve offered so far. which means no more preparation required on my part. and that means I have five whole months to knit whatever I want. just for fun. right now, I’m enjoying just thinking about the possibilities of what to start next while I wrap up two lace shawlettes and the mate to this sock.

and the other news.

first – sara has started her own blog. as excited as I am for her on this new venture, I admit to being just a teensy tiny bit sad about the second fille leaving me alone here. mere seule. mere et filles sounds so much better, doesn’t it? 

enough whining from me! because the second piece of news is that katie and I are catching up on our ride. we should be back on track for weekly posts this weekend. (side note – I can’t believe we are 26 weeks into 2010 – yikes, the year is half over!!)

3 thoughts on “knitting and other news.

  1. another blog to follow-can't wait! i need to get my chicago knitting together-thinking vanilla socks for some crazy koigu yarn i've got.

  2. Yea for…finishing socks!finishing Alexandria!free knitting!catching up on the blog with Katie!Sara's blog!!!You're not mere seule – you're mere et les amis. 🙂

  3. The socks are lovely! Gorgeous colours … and am going to pop over to Sara's new blog now :o)x

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