there has been knitting.

…so focused here about showing that there is more to my life than knitting, that I’ve kind of neglected documenting all that I have been doing. really, I haven’t writtin a blog post about knitting since may 7. of course anyone who knows me knows there has been knitting. and this morning, I spent time photographing projects, and updating ravelry.

I am really pleased that much of what was in process the last time I had a big catchup (back in april) has been finished. the four projects that are still lingering (three scarves and a beret) are not completely lost causes (the ulmus was my nyc project), but who needs scarves or a beret when it’s 95 degrees outside? but more surprising is what’s been started and finished since then! three pairs of socks, a lace shawl and a sweater.

and in store for today? more knitting!

5 thoughts on “there has been knitting.

  1. congrats on all your productivity…and i love the spring green bandit. i shuttered when i heard about your temps and humidity and wouldn't trade places for the world. unfortunately, mother nature had other thoughts…appears we're in store come tomorrow – yuk!

  2. Oh my! There's a whole lotta knittin' going on! Love the socks and shawls. Have to check out everything else on Rav. Maybe I need to knit faster, too!

  3. wow! thats a lot of knitting!love all your projects :o)i need to pick my knitting back up again …

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