…sara and I were up early to visit the union square greenmarket (we’d planned to cook brunch and needed some vegetables, cheese and eggs to make a strata, plus fruit for salad). it didn’t disappoint. only wish I’d had more cash so we could’ve taken home flowers, too!

in the afternoon, we walked to the park and enjoyed the people watching. sara and katie got a decent start on a crossword and I made a little more progress on a sock.

we dressed up a bit for dinner out at a voce – no more photos after we left katie’s (just a clutch means no room for a camera), but trust me, it was all good!

we’re getting pretty good at the mirror shots (and I kind of like not having my face in the photos!)

p.s. I’m trying to get photos uploaded to flickr every day, but the blog posts are probably going to be few and far between!

3 thoughts on “saturday.

  1. I'm glad you mentioned flickr. Great photos! Can't wait to hear about the Met. All those food pictures are making me hungry!!!

  2. oh what i love about new york-i'm trying to keep my list of what i want to see on this trip to a minimum, but it's very difficult wiht only 3 days.

  3. your flickr set is wonderful…looks like every minute of your NYC trip was fantastic.great memories for all and especially Sara for her graduation.

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