three of us.

…love how quickly we settle into being three.

tuesday was spent traveling, shopping for food and wine, watching four(?) episodes of parenthood so we were caught up for the season finale (which was sadly a bit of a disappointment – boo!), and eating in. sara and I made mexican while katie worked.

not sure what’s up for today. katie just left for work and sara’s still asleep. at least for now, that means knitting time for me!

4 thoughts on “three of us.

  1. I'm glad you arrived safely and that you are already having fun!Your Mexican feast looks delicious. I watched the first episode of Parenthood and didn't like it much. Everyone had too many problems. But I guess the back story was just being set because everyone I've talked to really seemed to like the show as it went on.Enjoy your day!

  2. cool photo-are those new prints over the tv? enjoy your day-joyce and i are getting our list together. looks like i'll have LOTS of car knitting time-i better go wind some more yarn!

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