live well. laugh often. love much.

…I’ve stamped this message inside nearly all the cards I’ve made since I acquired that stamp (2003?) and that really is the motto I try to live by. so it seemed especially fitting to grace the cover page of the travel journal I’ve planned for nyc (beginning tomorrow – or if I take too long to type this post – beginning in just a few hours!)

these are the blank pages I’ve printed to capture the details of our days, my thoughts, and special memories, decorated with pieces and parts of my favorite five pages of american crafts patterned paper. leveraging the journal I created for paris (wow, over a year ago!) – hoping this will help me document our trip – probably our last to nyc (at least for a while) and our last as a threesome (until italy, 2014, to celebrate sara’s college graduation?)

a bit sheepish to admit I hadn’t even thought about this trip as one to document…until I shared my three NYC scrapbooks with beth (I owe her a huge thank you!). and I knew I wanted another journal to capture the details. because this is for sure a trip I want to remember. forever.

p.s. yes, this means the knitting I’d hoped to finish before the trip (a pair of “no purl monkey” socks) is still not done. and yes, in the spirit of all this, I am completely ok with that!

2 thoughts on “live well. laugh often. love much.

  1. Ah, now I get what you meant when you said you had printed out the pages for your journal. (I'm not sure what I was thinking – I guess I was thinking about decorative papers.) Very cool! I am definitely switching to this method of scrapbooking for trips. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip!

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