celebrating sara.

…one last (at least for now!) “way to go, you!!” post to celebrate sara’s graduation. despite the rain, the day turned out perfectly. beginning with a late morning walk while the rain took a break, we proceeded to lunch at bistro vg.

then visited cast-on cottage to check-in on our latest KAL (this photo doesn’t capture all the drama – that’s another post for another blog!).

got dressed (smiled! and posed!).

and did the ceremony in perfect style. I wrote to several friends today that the rain was really a blessing for us. graduation was in the high school gym – a very small venue (sara gave away two of her four tickets…I was glad it was just marc and me…) and how cool that we made eye contact more than once! I surprised myself – no tears (maybe it was knowing I’d forgotten tissues and all marc could offer was a recycled napkin?)

the best surprise for me was finding this photo on my camera. cloud nine. life is a blur. focus on what’s important. . . .

one last “official” photo (that’s her real diploma hidden in the green folder)

and then to sage for a very (especially by marc’s standards!) late dinner. more good food. and the million dollar cake for dessert seemed fitting.
sara, we love you, we are proud of you. and we wish you the very best in all you do. xxoo – mere.
(p.s. I cried editing the photos and typing this post – and now really have no idea how I managed dry eyes last night 🙂

3 thoughts on “celebrating sara.

  1. Way to go Sara!!! Mary, I just love that photo of Sara walking through the people. That is so cool! It even brings tears to my eyes and I've only met Sara once! :)I'm glad it was a wonderful day for you all!

  2. very awesome-really love the crowd photo-sara is such a delight can't believe she's done with high school. it'll be my turn next year.

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