early release day.

…it’s become somewhat of a tradition that sara and I have lunch at bistro vg on days she has “early release”. yesterday was the last one of this school year (which also means it’s the last one for us. ever.)

and this time katie was able to join us. we sat outside and enjoyed the warmth of the spring sunshine. the food was delicious as it always is. but my favorite part was the conversation. katie sharing more about her new assignment (which she is still loving, even after a month!). the girls making plans for spring break week in nyc. prom. graduation. what to wear for sorority rush. finding a roommate. our graduation trip to nyc in late may (our last chance for a “free room” in the city). katie moving to LA in august. and sara starting college. and then it hit me very hard that in one short week in august, both girls will be moving. sara to a dorm at tech. and katie across the country. and lunches like we enjoyed yesterday will be few and far between. and that much more special.

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  1. lovely photo of mere-et-filles…and the knitted lace shrug (hope that's correct name) is gorgeous. your afternoon is one that each of you shall remember with fondness.

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