followed by firsts.

…thing one. my “first” (since they moved everything to computers) fulton county library card. and I checked out a book to make it all official. I’ve had my eye on this book because it has the pattern for this shrug that I heard about on never not knitting. the book is mine for 28 days and I’m hoping I can knit it – or at least figure out some kind of plan to knit it someday – before it’s due.
…thing two. chewie. aka “nicole’s dog”. I’ve worked with nicole for a few years. sadly the last few have been virtual – she’s in new york and I’ so I was glad that she managed a trip to atlanta to say goodbye. and more than especially pleased I got to meet her puppy. a very well behaved havanese named chewie. I think he liked the camera!

…thing three. [sorry, no photos] I had a fabulously energizing meeting with the development director of it’s the journey (they’re the parent organization that sponsors the atlanta 2-day walk) about volunteer opportunities. she’s proposed a project that’s a mix of community outreach and education. more to come. but to say I’m excited is an understatement.

T-3. and counting.

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  1. Congrats on your "first" library card. Does the library also renew books? Enjoy the book/knitting the scarf. I'll look fwd to seeing the final product. You're on a roll with your list. Enjoy the ride.Cheers~

  2. Honore – yes, the library does renew books, unless they're the "just released" ones that you can only have for 14 days. the selection on the shelves wasn't great, but you can use their on-line system to reserve books from any of the libraries and they'll transfer them to my branch. I think it's going to be great!

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