retirement lunch.

…as in oh my, it’s real, isn’t it?!

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my team treated me to my all-time-favorite maggiano’s family style. we ate (lots…fried calamari, fried cheese, maggiano’s salad, caesar salad, gnocchi, rigatoni d and cake and cookies) and shared stories. mostly about the past.

lisa and matt raided the closets and cubicles and dug up an NTRC marketing video (yes, a VHS tape from the mid-1990’s I think) and a folder full of marketing brochures, client communications pieces and company newsletters. we shared stories about managers. about projects. about office space. about balancing family and work. about lunches out with teammates. about all the things that make up a career that spans 26+ years.

our waiter surprised everyone when he brought the cake – and don’t kid yourself, it served everyone! and gave me a great opportunity for a wish… that I missed because it took me 4 (5?) blows to get all the candles out. but really – and I know this is corny beyond reason – what more is there to wish for?

and before we left for the restaurant, lisa gave me the team gift – a digital frame loaded with images of my team (I finally get to see what patrick and sunita look like) and clients – even my office. wonderful memories all of it and it will have a special place here on my desk at home come january 30.

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  1. You look so very happy and everyone looks like they had a great time; cake looks yummy, too! Great memories and the digital frame is a very neat idea. Cheers~

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