still cold.

…I was ecstatic about the 50 degree forecasts for today. shuffled my calendar so I could get to the park this morning for a walk. boy was I bummed when I realized it wouldn’t be 50 degrees til late this afternoon and it was still in the 20’s when I could walk this morning.

I couldn’t bear to take a picture but I’ll paint one in words – 2 layers on the bottom, 4 on top (and the toppest top – marc’s coat that came just about to my knees and definitely covered my hands). plus a hat and mittens (not handmade, so kind of driving me crazy but that’s a project for next winter…) point&shoot camera in the right coat pocket. ipod shuffle on the 3rd top layer. and a tissue. have it?

so I was warm (surprised even me…and those mittens came off a few times and I was still OK!). but I wasn’t at all expecting the snow and the ice.

I’ve been walking in the park for over ten years. and I never remember the pond freezing.

or seeing snow.
I am very ready for spring. really.

4 thoughts on “still cold.

  1. lovely photos depsite the cold, it was so cold on one of my morning walks a couple years ago, my phone froze up-i think it was about 28-i guess you aren't ready to join the polar bear club anytime soon!

  2. oh my, brrr! its so hard to imagine everyone wrapping up in that many layers when we are in Summer! Love the top shot, and the sunflare is just beautiful! :o)xo

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