the upfloating moon.

this beautiful blog post that elise wrote over two years ago (wow!) really made me notice the moon. especially when I’m missing katie. which often happens shortly after a (usually too brief) visit. I thought I’d blogged about it before, but not quite [I searched this blog for “moon” and got delightfully side-tracked reading this hilarious post, but I digress].

and tonight’s moonrise was exceptional, thanks to a stormy day just clearing.

not a big orange moon, but a nearly full one. which I’m sure katie will be able to see despite the bright new york city lights. and when she does, she’ll know I’m thinking about her.

One thought on “the upfloating moon.

  1. Such a beautiful post, but I must admit after reading about the Ipod, I couldn't stop laughing and then couldn't really concentrate on the lovely moon post :-p

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