so very thankful.

…this past week has flown by. uncharacterically for me, I took very few photos. so writing down the words to remember.

::time with my mom & dad, especially the “just us” time that makes for good conversation
::lunch with my mom & sister…especially loved talking about “where were we when karen turned 18” (and the fried calamari)
::family mexican with both marc and rob
::one-on-one time with katie
::five miles in the park with sara before we cooked
::cooking thanksgiving with katie & sara – the parade on both tv’s, and a very clean kitchen when we finished
::time to decorate, which allows all of december to enjoy (and a dark-early visit to lowes with marc to pick out our tree)
::a few days of beautiful late fall weather
::the traditions we have for this week with my parents and my family

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