lunch out with katie.

…we started with a little shopping (paper source and knitch – I had birthday giftcards – fun!) and worked up just enough appetite for murphy’s.

we started with the fig pizza.

then katie had the scallop special.

and I had quesadillas.

too full for dessert. but still managed one more photo.

of course the food was delicious, but the conversation was the best part. our upcoming trip to nyc. katie’s job. a trip next spring for me to nyc, or to china? digital SLR advice. thanksgiving and christmas plans. fashion advice. boys. wrapping christmas gifts. parking so we don’t get a ticket. people watching. high school friends married already. weddings. ready in the flashiest of flashes. and now over. but I have the picture to remember it by. (thanks, katie – it was very fun!)

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful lunch date, and ohhh dSLR? And China?! You could always visit down under to NZ :o)

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