the belated birthday lunch.

thank you to sara for this photo – my mom enclosed an advertisement for a “long-armed” device in my birthday card…and while it looks great, I still think there’s a certain can’t-be-replaced comaraderie to these sara long-armed shots and I am going to keep them just like they are!

…sara had an early release day on wednesday, which combined with my “hey I have a few vacation hours to use up” made a perfect excuse for a late lunch at vinny’s. deja vu!

we ordered a salad

a “dressed up” caesar

and a pizza

roasted fennel with sausage and many other good things – quite good

and dessert.

chocolate mousse torte – and yes, it was even better for real than it looks in this photo!

lovely. delicious. all of it.

and even better, we finalized (??!really, are you sure?! does this mean I can post them on the blog??) menus for thanksgiving and the sunday family brunch.

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