feels like some kind of ride.

(enclosed with katie’s flowers)

…slightly overwhelmed by all the lovely birthday wishes yesterday. an email from my mom and later a phonecall from both my parents. a text from my sister. this great video from lydia and katie. beautiful cards. an invitation for a late lunch tomorrow with liz. texts and calls from katie. and flowers. aren’t they gorgeous?

and from sara, a swift.

I think it’s pretty cool that she even knows what one is, let alone thought to get me one! yes, it really does make winding a skein of yarn into a ball fun. really!

there was also brown & company from marc (katie was worried, but he did fine!) and a great mexican dinner and gifts earlier this month. no photos. but great memories. ooohhh, and from lydia, a skein of yarn to wind!


2 thoughts on “feels like some kind of ride.

  1. the flowers are more beautiful than what katie showed me on-line- and the swift, love-great job girls. why do women love birthdays such much more than men? your joy and delight is very evident-glad you were able to use your toy so soon.

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