the story.

moving to nyc.summer 2009…I didn’t really know until just this morning how the album would come together. honestly, I didn’t decide until just a few days ago there would even be an album. but after I picked up the 62 prints from the move, I knew it was just too big for the regular photo album (especially after the 58 prints from the apartment hunting trip). I was thinking – as usual – photos + a few words (and hopefully a bit of pretty paper). so yesterday morning I visited aaron brothers since they have the best selection of kolo albums. and (lucky me?!) this location is going out of business and everything is 50% off. and of course this is bad when you don’t have a plan, but I picked out six (maybe more!?) albums that seemed like they’d work. and sara helped me decide on the camel catalina album. same format I used for paris. plenty of room for the photos. and the coloring is perfect for my favorite basic grey periphery papers. I roughed out the format – three sections, one for apartment hunting, one for the transition/packing and one for the move. and it must be meant to be because that left one slot for closing thoughts.

this morning I started on the journaling for those four pages. searched my ali edwards collection of digital and found the perfect one. the story. used photoshop to add a subtitle (part one, etc) and the journaling to each one. then the title piece.

thank goodness for flickr to help me remember the captions for the photos. that part went fast. and I’m very pleased with the final results.

here’s the first page.

and the last.

and images of the journaling.

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  1. a great thing to be able to share with her children at some point, glad you decided to make an album out of this "experience".

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