revisting 2009 goals.

…anyone who knows me (and of course everyone who reads this blog does!) wouldn’t be at all surprised that I set out goals for myself at the beginning of the year. this year, I used a fun template that jess gonacha designed – I resized it, printed it out and filled it in. then pasted in my journal and (this will surprise you!) didn’t revisit until just this morning. and when I saw I had four not started, I realized I needed a more portable version.

boy I love photoshop! (and it was really easy to add #10 just now!)
I’m proud of the two I’ve completed (note that the scrapbook goal was originally just for beaufort, nyc and paris, but I couldn’t fit all that onto the photoshop version) and feeling good about the four in process. planning to spend some time on the others once the move is done. in sum, feeling pretty good about the half-way mark.

do you make goals? how do you keep up with them?

One thought on “revisting 2009 goals.

  1. usually don't pen and ink them unless they are things i've gotta get done that are short term (daily, weekly), the blog helps with the big goals, especially when you post about it on January 1! i like the fun template you've used. i think if i journaled more, i'd have more pen and ink goals. i do like being able to "see" them, puts more meaning behind it.

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