the commute.

148/365 – the commute. the end.
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…surfing my blogs this morning, I came across a very picturesque commute – country roads, red barns, wildflowers and fields, maybe even a few unpaved roads. so different from my commute in metro atlanta (and I’m so sorry I don’t remember where I saw those pictures). so I thought about capturing my commute – it’s been a photo for project 365 at least three times already – but this is the first time in full daylight…

backwards… my favorite part first – the two “kid” cars in the driveway and the garage open for me 🙂

the commute. mansell rd.
then my second favorite part – green light at mansell – I’m turning left today – by-passing the verizon ampitheater because there was a temporary sign on GA 400 about exits to use for the concert…and it seemed like a good idea to go the other way.

the commute. inside the car.

and finally a view of the inside. I’m not proud of it. but it is my reality. Love the podcasts. and the long lights that provide plenty of time for pictures!

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