down to three.

after dinner at the eiffel tower
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mindy flew back home yesterday, so now we’re three. with two more days in paris. we have just a few things left on our list (the opera, l’arc de triomphe, bon marche and a bit more shopping), so we have time to re-do our favorite things and maybe time to sit for a few hours at a sidewalk cafe and watch the people. we did that for a bit yesterday at lunch and it was fun. also a few more metro rides – we’ve been averaging 10+ miles a day on foot and our legs and feet are tired! katie loves figuring out the best routes and we do get a good amount of people watching while we’re on the train.

and definitely a lot more fun photos!

bonne journee, m.

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  1. i like this photo, bet there aren’t too many of these with the tower in the background or is that above-continue to enjoy-xoxo

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