jusqu’a bientot.

…me. august 15, 1979. (and I love that the writing on the back of the photo is my grandmother’s – she wrote “eiffel tower” and I’m smiling right now that she figured everyone would know the person in the photo was me, but somehow we might not recognize the eiffel tower 🙂

I think this was the last time I saw the eiffel tower (my grandparents took me on a fabulous whirlwind four cities in two weeks trip to celebrate my high school graduation). not sure I ever thought it would be nearly 30 years before I returned. and so looking forward to better photos … honestly, I look much better now than I did then, and of course I have katie…

we’re packed and ready. next post from paris.

p.s. I updated the link in the “upcoming” paris entry to be my paris flickr photoset. am really hoping I can keep up to date with that, even if the blog posts aren’t so frequent.

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