the coffee break.

…two sources of inspiration for this one – first, lydia (and I could swear she’d posted about the coffee break tradition she created and upheld at her office, but maybe I was just remembering this?) and second, the lovely group of ladies who comprise my dinner club, many of whom I work with, four of us now all on the same floor, and at our last meeting we were all talking about coffee and I committed to creating a coffee break in what is my “new-to-me” office effective today — yeah, I know, these photos don’t really look different from the old place. because I got very lucky and the new space is just four floors up from the old one. same layout. same view. just higher.

I held up my end of the bargain and enjoyed french press verona about 2 pm. brought hot milk from home (that’s the thermos) and scored mugs and a pretty tray on clearance at target this weekend.
It all helped take the edge off the rainy chill outside.

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  1. love the set up: the mugs and tray-so homey-i’ve really enjoyed using the press at home, mr k bought us a way cool pot for the office-safe travels south

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