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(click to see who’s who)…bookclub last night at Shari’s. wonderful as always. we talked about Terri’s pick from June (Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson – general consensus was good, and we especially enjoyed the link to the blind and Patty’s work, and thinking about Johnny Depp as Henry), enjoyed food & wine, meeting Shari’s neighbor Betsy (thanks for this wonderful group shot!), and most of all each other.

Shari shared the What We’re Reading article from the ajc back in June (and I tried to find it online but couldn’t – the best I could do was this one from August 10 – but at least you get the idea). Turns out the Ladies in Reading Enjoyment (L.I.R.E.) that was featured that week in June is Shari’s “other” bookclub. And she so wants us (me) to submit our club to the paper.

Here’s a trial run:

How often they meet: Monthly

About this club: Started in 2000 when I failed miserably to get myself invited to join the Hembree Grove bookclub – and decided the only way I’d be in a bookclub was to start one myself. We started with a core group of women from the neighborhood plus a few “outsiders”. Every member picks a month to host – always good food + wine – and select the book. The next month, that member leads the discussion about the book (at someone else’s house). We started with a few “rules” – more like guidelines – except for the one “no deep s****” that’s a real rule! we try to stick to what’s out in paperback to keep the costs down and encourage picks you’ve read before. Over the years we’ve read some wonderful books (we tried to count how many last night – maybe 80?) and celebrated life together – marriage, birth, divorce, death, and so much more. A few of our original members have moved away, but we’ve added new ones, too. It’s got a life of its own now and I honestly can’t imagine mine without it.

Recently read: Between, Georgia, by Joshilyn Jackson

What it’s about: A small town between Atlanta and Athens. Two families with different views about the world, and the daughter they share. (and a very cute bookstore owner named Henry)

What members thought: See above. This is the second book of Jackson’s we’ve read. Gods in Alabama was the first. Personally, I liked this one better. Loved the location!

Next assignment: The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (Shari learned to knit in the past year and this is a celebration of that, I think – and I am very much looking forward to it!)

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