two shameless plugs.

…first, the 2-day walk. which has completely snuck up on us. donations are due next week and karen and I just last night got together to send out 50+ emails to our collective friends and family. the good thing is that our friends and family are very generous. so hopefully we’ll come out fine. and ooohhh! I just visited the donation page to get the link – and there’s another $100 since just last night, see, we’re going to be fine!

and second, not that francie reads my blog, but if she did, she’d see that I very much want to visit this lovely new store when I’m in portland next month! I can’t imagine being able to see all this…in person! it’s ink & peat. which I found on oh joy’s blog. but the best part might be the owner’s blog (check it out – GREAT photos!)

One thought on “two shameless plugs.

  1. love the donation link and what the two of you are doing-keeping it local is important. the shop, can’t wait to hear about that excursion, those mushroom thingys are cool- happy happy friday!

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