this might be just for me.

…these flowers were one thing I was really into a year ago…and this is a short post about what I’m really into now (so six months from now I can remember!)

1. first, podcasts – I got an 80 gb ipod for my 25th service anniversary. and so far, I haven’t been able to dream up how to fill even 10% of it. but the podcasts are helping. I’m especially enjoying lime&violet and this american life (also enjoying stash and burn, but that’s shorter, so perfect for my shuffle and a run in the park – see item #2)

2. runs in the park – the 3 mile increment is perfect for a run and I am beyond myself proud that I’ve covered 500 miles so far in 2008! (trying hard to figure out how to handle the park when it gets light even later and… gets colder!)

3. twist collective – from lime&violet and oh my, serious knitting pattern delight! (ooohhh, this and this?)

4. tory burch flats – thanks to the lovely shopping trip I had with katie on sunday, I am now the proud owner of these flats (well, mine are camel, not brown). and I canNOT wait to wear them!

5. planning for paris – I had two 15% off coupons for barnes&noble and used them to buy this book and this one. planning is one of my favorite stages of the vacation – next to actually taking it, and then taking a day (or two?) off work to make the scrapbook

6. hybrid scrapbooking a la ali edwards – I know I just hinted at this with monday’s post, but trust me, it’s fun! so many things in life seem to lend themselves to a mini book like I made from the beach…

7. taking pictures and making plans – a very true quote from a favorite author

would so love to hear what’s inspiring anyone who’s reading this

2 thoughts on “this might be just for me.

  1. pod-cast, i haven’t created a play list since- when? i think my battery is dead-love the shoes- what i’m into now: retro (peep-toe) pumps and way cute flats-fabrics and color- love the twisted collective-need to figure a scaled down version of the swing coat-inventive cooking-decorating and gardening and patio plans-actually too many things and not enough time!

  2. ooooooooh! i *LOVE* lists of faves, much in the same way i love other ppl’s vacation photos…i’m kinda nosey but in weird ways! :)my passions right now: grilled peaches, grunge fonts, paper adventure, suspense novels on cd, (i should look for free podcasts…more portable!) travel shows about india, and making my very first ATC's for my very first swap!ps: my fave travel book series of all time are these: have LOADS of pics, good maps, contact info, advice & so forth; not IN-DEPTH, but a great *general* guide!pss: i'd've left this comment 1/2 an hr ago, but i HAD TO try out all yer links and it slowed me down a bit! (i've bookmarked violet & lime, they're HYSTERICAL!!!) 🙂

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