first day of school.

…so much different without carpool or the bus. yup, sara got her parking pass and headed off by herself this morning. and no, I didn’t cry taking this picture!
leaving me free to get those beach photos into an album (many thanks to ali edwards!). all I wanted to get done today. and I did it. barely. but it was too dark when I finished to get any really good photos. so here’s a taste of what the 18 photos looked like. and the mess that was my kitchen table in the process.

One thought on “first day of school.

  1. oh MARY!!!! i *loved* these frames when i saw them on ali's blog but they are EVEN COOLER they way you've used them! (btw, have i mentioned how utterly ENVIOUS i am of your amazing photography skills?! after you retire, can you come back to jerz & give me lessons?! pleeeeeeease??!) 🙂

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