feedback is a gift.

…I totally ♥ Starbucks. Pretty much everything about it. And I totally don’t want to have to get my coffee fix at Dunkin Donuts (puh-lease!!) But Starbucks has been taking a beating lately. Watch out when McDonalds decides they’re your competition!

So I was really glad to read the press release from their annual meeting. Getting back to their roots. And I love their new campaign to solicit feedback from customers and employees. I picked up the reminder card this afternoon, mainly as a journaling prompt while I sat at Sky (getting all this yucky pollen off my car!). And I was surprised how many ideas I came up with. And how many of my good ideas had already been entered. Very cool!

Here are the new ones I added:
♥ designate some (if not all) of the outdoor seating to be non-smoking
♥ improve the biscotti offerings (add gingerbread all year? nothing broken, maybe something locally made)
♥ mind the condiment bar (I hate having to ask for skim milk and I really hate cleaning up after other customers)
♥ never offer columbian coffee as the bold coffee of the day. seriously. it messes me up

So it took me a while to enter all those ideas. And by the time I was done, the first two already had votes for them. đŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “feedback is a gift.

  1. ah, katie, free wireless is coming – I didn’t have to suggest it! it’s mentioned in the press release. and it had already been entered (it’s one of the most popular suggestions so far)- other ideas I had that had already been entered were keeping the bathrooms clean, having a healthy breakfast food option and nametags/names on aprons for the starbucks employees.

  2. you’ll like the ones in NY with the breakfast offerings, omlette wrap with feta and spinach, yum! Feedback is a good thing- how else can you improve yourself? ditto on the condiment issue and cleanliness-i think some mangagers care more about their store & customers than others.

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