a little bit of pressure.

…can be very helpful. I am usually not one to work well under pressure – I like to plan, and think, and try different things and something about “pressure” precludes that. But Holly had her baby today, so I had to complete the letter (fabulous idea from Alice to make an album of all the letters to the expectant mom and dad!) now! And I am loving the results (thank goodness I have “good stash”, too!)

The first part of the journaling reads “So many things change when you become a mom…your sleep, your priorities, your free time! Your friends understand that. And the good ones support you – with advice (only when asked!), an ear to listen, encouragement and understanding, sharing the bad times and celebrating the good…the same way they did before you became a mom…good friends might be the only thing that doesn’t change!”

I’m really excited about having a baby next door. Holly’s going to be a wonderful mom and I’m looking forward to getting to know baby Brooke.

…now must get knitting – booties promised, too.

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