catching up.

…what a difference 40 hours can make! From Friday night to Sunday morning, I managed to get caught up on much of my to-do list – including a car wash – photo to the left is me yesterday at Sky 🙂 and some knitting.

And Journal Your Christmas started (the button in the side-bar links to the flickr photo group), and I’m loving it! I got the words written down yesterday for prompt #1 (I declare) and a good idea about the layout, but didn’t have time til this morning to put the page together.
i declare…my intention to write. to create. to try something new. to celebrate the joy and blessings of the holiday season. every day.

Prompt #2 arrived today – something about the weather. and I had a lot of fun cutting paper snowflakes. learned that real snowflakes are 6-sided, not 8 (or 4). if you fold the paper into sixths, the results are so much prettier!

Unfortunately I don’t think today’s approach (3+ hours all over the kitchen table) is going to be a good long-term plan for this project! have to figure out getting it done faster, with a lot less mess. or maybe not…

2 thoughts on “catching up.

  1. Too funny about the 3 hours and big mess for this layout. I had the same thought with mine. Still working on it!Love you layout and LOVE that photo of the ornaments in the glass cylinder!

  2. The papers are gorgeous. Still pondering the decorations for the house. Had a last minute invite to an open house yesterday in this wonderful Victorian house in Acworth, totally worthy of a blog posting laster in the week. Clue #6 done, and cast on socks with the 2 circular needles, still not sold . . .

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