a(nother) perfect day.

Secret of the Stole – hint #5 (and 2 rows of #6) finished! I actually finished on Tuesday, but didn’t have a photo op til yesterday.

Sara and I went to MAC at Nordstrom for makeovers. What fun! And I love that Sara loves her new look. We both purchased a few new products…hoping we can recreate that makeup artist magic on our own. Perimeter Mall is all decked out for Christmas. Glad I’m embracing the season, otherwise I might be a little weirded out to have a decorated tree in my birthday photo 🙂

Then brunch at Murphys. Definitely our new favorite spot (along with about what seemed like half of Atlanta – the place was packed – even at 2 pm).

And Knitch – the 3rd stop on the Shop Hop tour (I also had a very fun time at Cast on Cottage earlier in the week, but no pictures!) Found a gorgeous deep purple to make the Logan River wrap. And as we were leaving, I told Sara that I was hoping all the time she was spending in yarn stores might rub off. And she said maybe I could teach her to knit tonight. But we didn’t buy you any yarn… So we had an excuse to visit a 4th stop on the tour.

Why Not Knit. Located in Buckhead right next door to Marc’s office. Sara found a beautiful, soft gray alpaca to make a modified version of the garter rib scarf from Jo Sharp’s knit 3. She caught on fast (she says I showed her knitting a few years ago – funny, not sure I remember, but good that she does) and finished her swatch, then got a first inch of the real scarf done. She said that was her birthday present to me. I told her I thought it made a better present for herself. Wonder if it will stick this time?!

So I ended up with 4 stamps (really 3 stamps and some initials) on my passport – one more than I planned. And I had a ball visiting all the shops. I hope this becomes an annual event.
Then Marc made a yummy dinner, and dessert. Perfectly lovely. And thank you to everyone for birthday wishes – cards, phone calls, even text messages. A very happy birthday.