shop hop stop #1.

Only Ewe and Cotton Two. Open til 9:00 pm on Tuesdays, so the logical stop after work today. The shop hop requirement is to spend $10 in each store. I thought booties for baby Brooke (nextdoor neighbor Holly’s baby due in early December) would be a great idea. And Cat had many inspiring patterns. But the yarn I found that matched the gauge was really just so-so.
And then I saw these “shi bui booties” at the counter and fell in love. So I purchased everything to make those, including my 2nd size 5 circular needle to try the “2 circ” method for socks.

I also have plans to visit Cast on Cottage and Knitch for stops #2 and #3, but nowhere near all 10 shops. I love the idea though and if it repeats, will definitely plan to participate more actively next year!

One thought on “shop hop stop #1.

  1. Totally love- can’t wait to see them when they’re done. The YH said the same thing as you about how Cat B makes you think differently about knitting. I love hearing that from those I consider experts in the field.

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