friday fill-in.

1. When my blog is broken, I might not notice for a days, or if I did notice, would probably take it as a sign I needed a blogging break.2. I saw the most amazing Julia Roberts-crazy person video on the Today Show this morning! (and so much less enjoyable than the awesome sunrise I saw on Tuesday’s drive into work or the happy faces at Starbucks yesterday)3. Enchanted, August Rush and Love in the Time of Cholera is/are (sorry I couldn’t pick just one) the new movies I’m most looking forward to seeing.4. Work: Necessary and often enjoyable. And … Continue reading friday fill-in.

we’re making it an extra long season this year.

…yup, the longest on record in our house. We’re planning to put up our tree and other Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving – November 23. I’ve been inspired by Ali’s blog and by Katie to just go for it. And figure once the tree is up, that’s all the more time to enjoy it. We always take it down before New Years Eve, so it’s really only about 5 weeks. Seems like not that much time, really! (and way better than the too-short time we had Katie’s first year in college – when I decided I wasn’t going to … Continue reading we’re making it an extra long season this year.